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What is the cost of liberty

What is the cost of liberty?

I do not agree with some of the things these people, young and old are doing and saying and by what I have seen and read it is a very mixed bag of complaints. Some are valid while others are down right childish. This could be a blessing in disguise.

None the less they are practicing a right. A Citizens right to organize and protest. It Is there and our United States of America Constitutional right! What I find interesting. Is when The illegal immigrants protest nothing is done? No arrests are made, no police confrontations. The other problem I see is these so called demonstrations are being held on the peoples property. Or Public property.When did it become the Governments property, The president’s and representatives property, the governors, property.The mayors property, the bureaucrat’ property. The judges and court property? Not the Citizens property.

Every square inch of all property used by all elected and appointed representatives including the bureaucrat. In this country is paid for and owned by the people, The Citizens of the United States Of America. This is not being honored at present and has slowly but surely being undermined in the past.

It started with the courts, Then the government buildings, our parks, our rivers.our woodlands Less and less access. In the name of the American terrorist, sensitivity at trial,the polluting American, animal extinction by the American killer. tree and plant extinction by the ignorant American Citizen. On an on it goes.

It is plain to see that once again. The media is moving public opinion against the very basic rights we all enjoy. Liberty and freedom. When the real socialist movement is embodied in our educational system and the press and or the media.

The first thing that installs an emperor or king is deed and title to all lands.

The permit! Title and deed to all lands. Beware, there is a case going before the supreme court about the right to film or take pictures or make a film on Citizen owned land, public property. The permit on all public property. This ruling could change the right to accesses of public property. By the United States Citizen for good and a transfer of owner ship. Into the new emperors of America.
Guess who?



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